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Video editing as you know it is over. Step into the future of video editing today.

Subscribe to a plan and request as many video edits as you can imagine.

Receive your first edits in 48 hours on average. Monday to Friday.

We’ll revise the videos until you’re 100% satisfied.

Extremely good communication, quality, and effort. We only gave Markee Media a voice over, and they created an entire commercial from it.
Eric Huhn, Founder and CEO at Kinetic Sequence

Cut the Fluff and Cut to the Chase

Markee cuts out unreliable freelancers and costly agencies for a fixed monthly rate, with content delivered so easy it’ll blow your mind.

It was an absolutely pleasure and honor working with Markee Media. Great communication... does what they say they will do. Highly recommended.
Scott Graham, Co-Founder of Kexy

Collaborate async

Other than the 15 minute onboarding call, there will be no more meetings. Get your time back.

Asana: Your content creation HQ

Your project Manager talks with you directly in Slack and organizes all of your content requests inside of Asana. Easily track active, queued and completed content.

Invite unlimited team members

Invite your entire team, so anyone can submit requests and keep track of their progress effortlessly.

Membership Benefits

Get the benefits of a full-time video editor without the hassle.

Content HQ

Queue up unlimited video editing requests on your board, no limits or restrictions.

Blazing Fast Turnaround

Lightning-fast delivery of your videos, one at a time, in just a few days on average.

Steady Monthly Rate

Enjoy the simplicity of a fixed monthly rate. No surprises or hidden fees.

Top Tier Quality

Amazing content on demand whenever you need it.

Flexible and Scalable

Long-form, short-form, podcasts, we got you covered. Pause or cancel anytime.

Uniquely Crafted for You

Each video is meticulously tailored to your vision, audience, and brand.

Recent Work

Viral videos, Conversion Driven Content, Brand Building, and more.

Markee Media is our secret weapon! Off-loading all of the editing to them is my guilty pleasure.
Motaz Matar, Director at Thousand and One Pictures

If it’s legal, we can edit it for you

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Explainer Videos

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Membership Levels

Choose a plan that’s picture perfect for you.



Unlimited requests, every single month.

Up to 40 Short Form Edits per Month.

40 hours of Editor Time per Month.

Most Popular


Unlimited requests, every single month.

150+ Short Form Edits
per Month.

150 hours of Editor Time per Month.



Unlimited requests, every single month.

Up to 90 Short Form Edits per Month.

60 hours of Editor Time per Month.

On-site Videographer

Get an on demand videographer on site with professional equipment to film you anywhere around the world.



Great question! Hiring a full-time senior-level video editor can easily cost over $100,000 annually in the United States, and that’s not even counting the benefits. And keeping them busy 24/7 is a challenge, leaving you stuck with hefty bills for idle time. On the low end, a good freelance editor is $400 per day, which is $10k per month.

With our monthly plan, you have the flexibility to pause and resume your subscription whenever you need, so you only pay for video editing services when you have active projects ready for them. Say goodbye to wasting money on idle time and optimize your budget with our convenient subscription model.

Once you subscribe, you can submit as many requests as you like. They will be delivered one at a time.

On average, most requests are completed within 48 hours. However, more complex content can take longer.

Delivering your content on schedule is our specialty. Flash deadlines come at a premium though because they are a special service. They will use up more of your subscription time that month, to deliver the content quickly. If you need all 200 edits within one week though due to special circumstances, we got you.  

You’ll work directly with me, Marcus, the founder of Markee, and your assigned account manager. We have an in-house team of creative professionals including 3D artists, Video Editors, and Graphic Designers.

We understand that your video editing needs may not require a full month’s worth of service. Sometimes, you may have just one or two video editing requests at the moment. That’s where the magic of pausing your subscription comes into play.


Our billing cycles revolve around a 31-day period designed to cater to your needs. So, let’s say you sign up and utilize our services for 21 days, and then decide to hit the pause button. Here’s the kicker: the billing cycle freezes, leaving you with a whopping 10 days of untapped editing potential. These unused days remain in your account, ready to be utilized anytime in the future.

Most content is created within the Adobe Suite. Da Vinci Resolve, and Blender are utilized as well. 

Markee offers flexibility using Slack and Asana. Options include direct Asana requests, sharing Google docs, or recording a brief Loom video. If it can be linked or shared in chat, it’s fair game.

Easy! We’ll continue to revise the content until you’re 100% satisfied

That’s fine. You can pause your subscription when finished and return when you have additional content needs. There’s no need to let the remainder of your subscription go to waste.

Due to the high quality nature of the work, there will be no refunds issued. You can pause the service at any time.

Find out if Markee Media is right for you. Spoiler alert: it totally is.

Learn how you and your team can level up your content creation process, forever.

Markee Media is headquartered in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.