The Client

PolyGod is a play-to-earn tower defense game built on the blockchain, inspired by the rich history of Norse mythology. 

The Challenge

Establishing Authority as a new Indie Studio

Gamers are skeptical about unproven Indie Studios launching their first game. On the flip side however, gamers will become extremely devoted to an Indie studio that proves themselves to create quality games. How can you establish this connection with your target audience before you have your game released? 

Creating top-of-the-line 3D cinematics to promote your game can cost in the range of 5 to 6 figures in budget which most Indie studios don’t have; yet sharing an early preview of your gameplay before it’s ready can dampen the effectiveness of your game reveal and reduce excitement for what you’re building.

When PolyGod was launching, traditional paid ads didn’t support blockchain gaming yet, so a different method had to be adopted.

The Solution

Build the Lore, Empower the Community

Leveraging the existing market for Norse-themed stories, the team branded all touch points of the community around that aspect. Clan challenges were created, pitting a competition among community members to see who could champion the brand on social media most effectively. The winners were awarded with prizes, rank in the community, and constant support.

Data tracked exactly which platforms and initiatives were most impactful and, once identified, those areas were the key focus of the launch campaign.

The Result

Over $1.5 million raised in private investments from the top firms in play-to-earn gaming, and over $500k in public investments raised during the game’s main token launch.