Slotie NFT

The Client

Slotie NFT is a project backed and created by Elia Software, an iGaming company providing software solutions to gambling companies. Slotie NFT was Elia Software’s first step into web3.

The Challenge

Standing out in an oversaturated market

At the time of Slotie’s launch, there were hundreds of new NFT projects appearing on a weekly basis. When the project first launched, the established influencers in the industry were not interested in new projects. This required developing a creative approach to finding new users.

Multiple teams were set to assist Slotie on their initial launch, some providing paid ad management, others providing more traditional marketing methods. What remained was a lot of traffic funneling to their Discord and Twitter. However, without an engaged community, the thousands of leads would not convert into customers. 

This is where Markee Media and our team came together to assist.

The Solution

Community Driven Hype 

Markee Media was one of many community engagement solutions Sloties considered, but what stuck out to the Slotie team was Markee’s past history of success and ability to tell the Slotie brand story in a way that turned leads into dedicated brand ambassadors.

We transformed their Discord into non-stop entertainment 24/7. With consistency of content, a one of a kind experience for each community member was created.

Once the community began to evangelize the project, top tier influencers in web3 and web2 began inquiring about how to partner with Sloties and participate in the NFT launch.

Content creation was at the cornerstone of this strategy to amplify the community’s voice and reaffirm the project’s core benefits to the customer. With data-backed copywriting and non-stop Discord engagement a Slotie social media frenzy emerged.

The Result

Two successfully sold out mints, raising more than $12 million.

The first mint was a 5 week campaign leading to over $6 million in initial sales, going from 0 followers to over 100k members on Discord, over 30k on Twitter, and achieving top 15 on OpenSea for a time. 

The second mint sold out faster than the first, in less than 2.5 minutes. This is a testament to the empowered community and team-focused approach taken during these launches.